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The Sogno Project was created as a way to raise money for your local community while bringing awareness to Music & the Arts.

Why did it take so long?

Kelly Lee Culbreth

Saturday, July 18, 2015

I'm not a Blogger... but I am willing to start.  Because today was a special day.  Today I decided it was time to start sharing the music I’ve been recording for the last two decades.  

I've been on an amazing journey that led to me creating The Sogno Project.  And everything I do is with the intent and purpose of furthering my cause.  My mission is to raise money for my community, while bringing awareness to music and the arts!


For the first time after 20 years of recording music… I’m FINALLY ready to start sharing my recorded songs.  Why did it take so long?  I was never motivated by fame, and I'm still not.  And although I'm proud of the work I've done in the past,  the timing didn't feel right to share it yet. I know I'm not getting any younger, but I also knew that one day, there would be a reason for waiting.  And now that I have my Sogno Project launched... there is finally purpose in sharing my music.  It took me a while to figure this out, but if I always use my music for something bigger then myself... for a greater purpose - I know I will have joy in my heart.  The Sogno Project is my greater purpose.... so it's time to start and keep sharing my music!

The recording I decided to share FIRST is EXTRA SPECIAL because I recorded it all by myself in my house using my Dad’s recording equipment.  The first time I ever sat down at my Dad's equipment,  I did an emotional, acoustic version of "Say Something" by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera.  And, I am proud to make it the first recording that I share. 

So, if you decide to watch and listen to my "first ever" song release on YouTube, here are a few thoughts for you:

** Before I hit "upload"...  My heart was pounding.  I’ve been nervous of the day I would start sharing music I've recorded.  And today, that day has finally arrived.

** I miss my Father desperately.  I KNOW he would be SO HAPPY that I am using his equipment.  I wish he was here to share this moment with me.  But, I wouldn’t be using his recording equipment if he was.  It’s so bitter sweet.  His death cut me deep, but I feel his presence in my life now more than ever and I will carry out his legacy through my music and The Sogno Project.  I love you Dad! You will always inspire me….

** Of all the recordings I have to share, I am bravely choosing the one that means the most.  I stared at my Dad’s equipment for MONTHS before I had the courage to even turn it on.  Then waited another couple of months before I could even use it.  When I did…. This is the first thing I recorded.  This song. “Say Something”.  I am humbled to share this raw… organic moment with you.

** There’s no fancy band or instrumentation.  Just me in my house with my Dad’s equipment.  I recorded the piano, the vocal and the harmonies. 

** I graduated from the Mass Communications department at MTSU with an emphasis in the Recording Industry – and I minored in the Production Technology side.  Here I am 20 years later, FINALLY getting to use the technical training I received at MTSU.  There was a bit of a learning curve after all these years, but the basics of recording still apply today.  It took a little playing around, but it all came back to me.  I hope I make my Alma Mater proud. 

** I was NOT a video production major!  Just fyi!  My skills are basic at best.  LOL.

** My overall goal is to build The Sogno Project, in my community and beyond.  If by sharing my music I can reach more people… Then Let’s Do It!  The stronger my foundation gets… the more money I can raise now and in the future.

** God has his hands on EVERYTHING I’m doing.

** Listen on good speakers (LOL)…

** Enjoy and share! 

In closing... it only seems fitting that I saved my FIRST ever blog to write about the FIRST time I ever shared a song with the world.  NICE!

So how do I end a BLOG anyway?  With Sincerely, Kelly?  Best Regards?  Thanks for reading?  huh...  guess I need to look that up.  In the meantime...  how about THANK YOU!  

And... Love, Kelly


- Or go to YouTube and search:  Kelly Lee Culbreth.  Select the video: "Kelly Lee Culbreth sings Say Something"